Monthly Website Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance

(when paid in full)

$75 / month
with six month plan

$99 / month to month

  • Scanning and fixing broken links
  • Updating and improving SEO
  • Site file maintenance
  • Web vulnerability scanning
  • Minor copy and images updates
  • User Experience updates
  • Security scans
  • Load speed analysis
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Blog Maintenance (if applicable)

Showit Website Maintenance Includes:

Just because your website is up and running, doesn't mean all the hard work us done...

Regular maintenance should be done on a monthly basis to ensure your site is running at full capacity! To ensure security, functionality, and aesthetics, there are several maintenance operations that should be performed on a routine basis.

Would you would rather spend your time on income producing activities instead of website maintenance (which is kind of a snooze fest)?